To defend the rights of all children

Concepció Juvanteny Foundation - Mission and Values


Defending the Rights of Children and Youth in general and more specifically, of children and young people who are or have been at risk or social exclusion shelters or protected by the former administration.




  • Disclaimer: Ensure the fulfillment of our duty to ensure compliance to ensure that the best interests of children in all our actions.
  • The interest of the child: Absolute respect for the needs, wants and desires of the child.
  • Commitment: Make a commitment with our children and teenagers to defend their rights.
  • Standardization: Encourage children and young people have as table environment in which to exercise their rights and duties in order to act on equal terms with society at the time.
  • Social Integration: Promoting our children's ability to interact constructively in society with equal opportunities.
  • Professionalism: We will work with a good foundation, providing quality and best practices in all areas in which we operate.
  • Participation and Collaboration: Becoming active members in the social network, encouraging critical thinking and decision making and working with other organizations in our area.
  • Solidarity: Develop the ability to act, feel and understand the cause of another person or situation.
  • Learning: To encourage continuous learning and interactive, based on the following:
    • Respect other cultures: learn and understand different cultures and religions, especially those with whom we live there, encouraging critical thinking and empathy for different ways of working, provided they do not conflict with the fundamental rights of the people.
    • Comprehensive: compensatory education: Develop the skills and abilities that holds the child/ to and reduce as much as possible short comings involving a deficit society and comparative peer group.
    • Education for values: attitudes and norms: Integrating our children and youth culture through the acquisition of values, attitudes and social norms in order to live in society taking respect, understanding and empathy towards difference.
    • Confession:Promote respect for all religions, provided they do not violate the physical and /or mental health of the person.
    • Education for equality: Ensuring equal access to the rights and duties of the person, regardless of sex they belong to and encouraging change in attitudes that do away prejudices based on gender or sexual choice.