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Thursday, 5 December 2013

We are grateful to!

We are grateful to!

DABA-Nespresso Company

The company DABA, distributor of Nespresso products, made ??a donation of desktops and notebooks within their process of modernization of computer equipment. The ones we are using to answer the technological requirements of our three centers, managed by our mother entity Associació Asteroide B-612, both for kids and for administrative tasks.

 Donació ordinadors DABA Nespresso

CRODA Ibèrica Company

We are also grateful to Croda Iberica Company, which allows their employees to spend two days per year for social tasks, such as offering us a group of workers to paint the facade and clean the surroundings of our Residential Center of Educative Action, located in the region of Vallès Oriental. This has improved the external image of it..

Rehabilitació per part de Croda del Centre

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