To defend the rights of all children

Origins and History

Origins and ideological line

Asteroid B-612 Association, our original entity, was born in March 1983 and is registered in the Registro de Asociaciones de la Dir. Gral. de Dret i Entitats Jurídiques del Dep. de Justicia de la Generalitat de Catalunya with the number 6.080 of the First Section, with the intention of providing an organized legal frame to the several professions in the field of education and social work that were carried out in an individual, vocational and volunteer way till then.

Associació Asteroide B-612

The basis on which the goals and activities of our association were built at that time and with slight changes still continues nowadays is to ensure the children’s rights, managing the needs for shelter of certain children at social risk, and providing them with the opportunity for integration, which is often denied to them only because of their origins or their reality. This aware ideological approach led us to adopt the name of Asteroid B-612, which is the name of the asteroid where “The Little Prince”, protagonist of the book of the same name written by Antoine Saint-Exupery, is supposed to live, because in this book one can find, explained in a clear, simple and understandable way, the values on which we consider that we have to build our social and pedagogical task: Solidarity, affective bonds, the responsibility for what one has loved ... To sum up: The defense and protection of the most vulnerable, the forgotten ones, of those who rarely have a voice, CHILDREN, and if they are marginalized, even more.

This ideological line, defended to the last extreme, and despite everything and everyone in our daily work, has brought us problems, misunderstandings and some dialectic fight, both with those responsible in the Administration and with other professionals of our field, but now, with the more objective view that the experience of more than 30 years in the same line has given to us, and seeing the results of our work (we can be proud that 76% of children who we have taken care of are now integrated into society on equal terms), we can say that what began as an attempt to give small solutions to specific problems is now an institution in which many people believe and continues to struggle, day by day, for its highest aspiration: THE DEFENSE OF CHILDREN’S RIGHTS

Our task is structured around these values mentioned before which we believe our hard, unfeeling, competitive and extremely selective society is losing right now. Our dedication, which continues honestly tied to our origins, affective bonding, vocation, voluntary work and to make a way of life from our work, has led us to defend ideas that have been finally adopted as solutions, has allowed us to create different care resources as well-adapted as possible, and has led us, finally, to believe and to defend before everybody that our children have rights, and these must be defended and respected.

Actions and programs carried out.

  • Easter, Christmas and Summer Camps organized for children and young people under the Administration tutoring:
    • From 1984 to1994. Receiving more than 5,000 boys/girls.
  • Creation of new Care Resources: Functional Family Homes.
    • From 1986 to 2005. 10 Homes created. Taking care of 136 children.
  • Creation and Implementation of Diagnostic and Reception Centres.
    • From 1990 to the present. Helping more than 1,000 children.
  • Creation and implementation of Residential Centres.
    • From 1988 to the present. Establishment of three Foster Homes. Over 300 children profited.
  • Launch of Foster Care Program. Catalonia.
    • From 1997 to 2005. 98 families. Taking care of 195 children.
  • Launch of Foster Care Program. Valencia.
    • From 1998 to 2001. 18 families. Taking care of 45 children.
  • Economic, human and material collaboration in the development of the “Global March Against Child Labour”, both at a preparation level (February-May 1998), while the March was in our country ( 3-17 May 1998) and at the presentation of the conclusions in the general headquarters of the ILO (International Labour Office) in Geneva, Switzerland (from 30th of May to 2nd of June 1998) with the participation of volunteers, national and international walkers and children aware of their reality and supportive with the reality of other children anywhere in the world.
  • Several years collaboration with different reconstruction projects after the damage caused by Hurricane Mitch, notably Casa Alianza de Honduras, and other organizations in Colombia and Chile.

Current Situation.

Nowadays our institution has evolved so that we have different channels of action:

  • Caring aspect. At this moment we are taking direct care of a total of 85 children through the following resources:
    • 60 children treated at foster and diagnosis centres.
    • 25 children living in a residential centre of educational action.