To defend the rights of all children

Foster care

In this service, we offer children and teenagers under some circumstances who cannot be cared for by their own families, a new opportunity to enjoy the love, warmth and care they should be given.

Currently, ninety-nine families altruistic, generous and motivated by our bank, opened his home, his heart and his life to a child who needed it, carrying out the gesture of solidarity that can be done to a child, facilitate a new life, a new home.

This year one hundred and ninety-four children and adolescents are benefiting from this service at the moment, but there are still many other health centers cared for, so we still need more families who want to be cozy.

Our objective is that all these children, living in an environment of love, affection and solidarity can become happy adults of tomorrow and not need it, for any reason, our social services. This will, in any case, our great success.

Since 1997, Asteroid B612 Association, from 2005, Foundation Concepció Juvanteny.

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What can I do to become a foster family?

To process foster family application through Catalonia Government website, from the following link: Application for foster family

To consult more information about the fostering family, visit the Catalonia Government website.Here


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