To defend the rights of all children

Repair Therapy for Victims of Maltreatment and / or Sexual Abuse

According to Medical Literature Specialists, it is estimated that between 70% and 80% of children and adolescents abused or sexually abused become, in turn, the abusive adults of tomorrow. This special treatment allows them to (specialise and take their reality and also?) overcome this terrible trauma and adjust with its consequences.

This service, which started in 2000, now responsible for more than fifty-five children and adolescents in 2012, has 100% positive reviews, showing excellent results in stopping this phenomenon of intergenerational transmission of abuse or child sexual abuse.

We provide our children and individual or group therapy sessions, with a frequency according to their needs, from two weekly sessions (in severe cases) to a monthly session with annual follow-up (in most cases).

Since 2000, Foundation Concepció Juvanteny



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