To defend the rights of all children

Who are we?

The Concepció Juvanteny Foundation

Concepció Juvanteny Foundation, born out of years of experience in the field of child care at risk or social exclusion, directly through health care resources, residential or foster care, or indirectly through the organizing shifts camps integration of these children into groups of origin more normalized.

Our dedication and our knowledge of many cases of children in care or tutelage by the government, has led us to observe different disorders that we consider important.

It is true that over time there has been a significant improvement in the care of these children, ranging from covering the most basic needs to more educational and emotional approaches. We spent only cover food and accommodation, to ensure the child's overall development. But despite what has been said, we still lack the way to go.

At this time, due to changes that society has undergone, with the great change that is no longer considered children as objects of protection to move to be clear that they are subjects of rights, our company give raises step in this direction, the rights of all children.
the rights of all children, Pilarín Bayès